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Great chat with Chet Gaines about the future. Check out Gamers for Basic Income. Sorry I suck at writing Show Notes. 

From Supernovae to Sex Robots. We break down our first Crossover episode and go down a few rabbit holes. 

Jenner and Josh hang out and watch the Climate Crisis Town Hall on CNN, then chat with All-Star Guest Phil Ord about Nuclear Power and all kinds of fu...View Details

The Green Revolution (2)

Jenner chats with Dr. Channa Prakash about agriculture, the environment, and biotechnology, in part 2 of The Green Revolution series. Special Thanks t...View Details

The Green Revolution (1)

Jenner chats with Professor Kevin Folta about Food, Farming, and Technology. Here are a few great sources if you want to learn more: Norman Borlaug, ...View Details

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