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What is Humanity First? The brightest new star in the Mind Wave Universe really helped me really dig down to the bedrock. Shoutout to Mindful Skeptics...View Details

I think the dust has settled enough for a #HotTake on Iowa from Everyone's favorite PinkHat/BlueHat Combo #YangGang Content Creator.. Mind Wave All-St...View Details

We chat with Scott Santens about Universal Basic Income, the Power to Say No and the Freedom to Say Yes, the Empowerment of Women, the Elimination of ...View Details

Josh and Jenner have a 3-hour SuperPod with Special Guests Mac King and Alyssa Monet Mason. We discuss Politics, Performing and the Arts, Education, D...View Details

Great chat with Chet Gaines about the future. Check out Gamers for Basic Income. Sorry I suck at writing Show Notes. 

Jenner chats with Connor from the Daily Discussion Podcast over drinks, and they introduce a New Mind Wave Series, Candle in the Dark. Check out the H...View Details

Jenner chats with Boyce about Andrew Yang, Trump, the illiberal left, comedy, politics, cancel culture, freedom of speech, and Humanity First

Surprise Episode with our new buddy Alex from the last voicemail blast! Call in and share your Yang Story at (602) 456-2253 and you just might get you...View Details

Andrew Yang hits the stage for Round 3 of the debates. Let's get into it! Special Thanks to all our friends in the Yang Gang! Get in on our Humanity F...View Details

Jenner and Josh hang out and watch the Climate Crisis Town Hall on CNN, then chat with All-Star Guest Phil Ord about Nuclear Power and all kinds of fu...View Details

Motor City Showdown (1)

Jenner and Josh reunite at long last to chat about Night 1 of the 2nd Democratic Primary Debates in Detroit. Standby for Night 2 and leave us a voicem...View Details

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