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Love Song (Preview)

it should be the other way around... Sneak Peek at a Patreon Exclusive. Pre-Horace, Pre-Brushstrokes #HappyLittleTrees - StudioStargazer.Org

StudioStargazer.Org ! UP NEXT!! Sci-Fi and Pirates. The Beginning is the End and the End is a Beginning. This is starlight wrapping around itself into...View Details

The first episode of Mind Wave created entirely by someone else. Guess Who

A Bigger Table

Taking the Long Way Home... took longer to prepare, but it's Here. 

The Barstool

Talk is cheap. This episode is 100 Layers Deep. Happy Thanksgiving. - StudioStargazer.Org


Are You Hungry? - StudioStargazer.Org

By The Waters of Babylon

First Audiobook on StudioStargazer.Org, featuring Music from Incendium - If you enjoy this story, and would like me to do more, please consider Suppor...View Details

Painted Blind

Existence is Pain - Share Your Story (602) 456-2253 - StudioStargazer.Org

Dimming the Light

Incoming Transmission from Stargazer Central


Mind Wave is now on the Wisdom App! and many more Updates from Stargazer Central - StudioStargazer.Org

”The Black Cat”

a Shocktober Classic, by Edgar Allan Poe - StudioStargazer.Org 

Stargazer Ranch

Come Out n See the Sky - StudioStargazer.Org

The Blood Fire Curse


Shocktober Returns with an Epic Retelling of the very first performance of Stargazer Virtual Community Theater. Only Through Fire, Re-Imagined. Premie...View Details

Hall of Gratitude


The Old Dog

Ain't no such thing as a Trigger Warning... The journey continues at StudioStargazer.Org ... When One Chapter Ends, another begins

v4.0 Finale

We don't do Seasons, but if we did, this would be the unexpected Season Finale. Didn't plan it. We're being forced to move, yet again. So Mind Wave ha...View Details

Welfare Check

The Outrage Machine Returns - Only on Patreon.com/MindWave

Incendium (Full Album)

1 - Here, there be Dragons (0:00 - 3:54)   2 - Greek Fire (3:54 - 7:48)   3 - Burning Mirror (7:48 - 13:09)   4 - Heart of Amber (13:09 - 15:07)   5 -...View Details

The End


Best Interview Ever!


The Masks We Wear

Are you wearing a mask? - StudioStargazer.Org

Contact 5 (Adorable AF)

First 5-Way Podcast! - Jenner is joined in the Sci-Fi Writers Room by Suzy Monster, Ben Fetus, Uncle Fred, and David Russell. Join Us  in Celebrating ...View Details

Story Times Crazy Bucket

Oh, Am I crazy? Yes. I am. Thank you for noticing - StudioStargazer.Org

Forest for the Trees

An introduction to 'Story of the Trees' and 'UI_86' - This Week in Science: Otters are Hot. See Also: Japanese Robot Poetry Slam. StudioStargazer.Org

Very Special Double Feature Bonus Surprise. Meet the Future.

Phase and Libration

Live Loop Demo - Electric Cello Test

What is Pride?


Electric Sheep

Do You Dream? - www.AIVA.ai - www.melodysheep.com - www.StudioStargazer.Org 

Buzzed Bee - Part Two

Natural Philosophy with Buzzed Bee - Cosmic Wanderings

Buzzed Bee - Part One

Mind Wave Hive Mind? Let's meet Ryan and Jake to see what's abuzz with Buzzed Bee

Sandcastles in the Sky

Build. Explore. Dream. - StudioStargazer.Org

The Magic Toy Box

Be a Character... Hell, Be All the Characters! Play - at StudioStargazer.Org

Space Radio Broadcast - Original Transmission: May 6th, 2367 - Neverland Colony, Alpha Centauri B

The Rebirthening - Spring - Celebration of Life and Love

Earth Day 2021

That's here. That's home. That's us. 


Candy Magic Easter Basket.

Easter Eggstravaganza - (602) 456-2253 - StudioStargazer.Org - Patreon.com/MindWave

Spirit Monkey Fun Bucket

Join Us at StudioStargazer.Org

Celebrating 10,000 Plays with a Special Edition Reboot of Where In The World?! - StudioStargazer.Org 

Humanity First - Utopia42

The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything. Featuring Mind Wave Hero, Ron Russell of Utopia42. Help make more shows lik...View Details

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Contents of this Space Radio Fun Bucket: Fred's Front Porch, Anthony Marlowe, Hard Truth, Jesse Rogers, Stargazer Virtual Community Theater, PigShit T...View Details

Through the Doldrums

Learning How to Live - A Conversation with Dad. 

Rebirth - Mike Finney joins the Mind Wave Universe - Check out FinneyHelps.com and Follow @FinneyCanHelp on Twitter. Get the Full Show Notes here - Su...View Details

The 199 Fun Bucket

Bingo Bango, get ready for the 200-Splosion

Voices - Push Forward

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