What is Pride?


Electric Sheep

Do You Dream? - www.AIVA.ai - www.melodysheep.com - www.StudioStargazer.Org 

Buzzed Bee - Part Two

Natural Philosophy with Buzzed Bee - Cosmic Wanderings

Buzzed Bee - Part One

Mind Wave Hive Mind? Let's meet Ryan and Jake to see what's abuzz with Buzzed Bee

Sandcastles in the Sky

Build. Explore. Dream. - StudioStargazer.Org

The Magic Toy Box

Be a Character... Hell, Be All the Characters! Play - at StudioStargazer.Org

Space Radio Broadcast - Original Transmission: May 6th, 2367 - Neverland Colony, Alpha Centauri B

The Rebirthening - Spring - Celebration of Life and Love

Earth Day 2021

That's here. That's home. That's us. 


Candy Magic Easter Basket.

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Spirit Monkey Fun Bucket

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Celebrating 10,000 Plays with a Special Edition Reboot of Where In The World?! - StudioStargazer.Org 

Humanity First - Utopia42

The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything. Featuring Mind Wave Hero, Ron Russell of Utopia42. Help make more shows lik...View Details

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Contents of this Space Radio Fun Bucket: Fred's Front Porch, Anthony Marlowe, Hard Truth, Jesse Rogers, Stargazer Virtual Community Theater, PigShit T...View Details

Through the Doldrums

Learning How to Live - A Conversation with Dad. 

Rebirth - Mike Finney joins the Mind Wave Universe - Check out FinneyHelps.com and Follow @FinneyCanHelp on Twitter. Get the Full Show Notes here - Su...View Details

The 199 Fun Bucket

Bingo Bango, get ready for the 200-Splosion

Voices - Push Forward

(602) 456-2253

Fred Eder Shares His Stargazer Story

The Podcast Experience

What This Is Now

The Hard Truth of 2020

We're all glad its over but it deserves some reflection! The Hard Truth of 2020 is a quick recap and message for the New Year. Featuring Hard Truths f...View Details

Social Commentary

My Reaction to the latest Meme Wave

Riding the Waves of Joy

The first episode of Mind Wave Produced by Fred Eder of Fred's Front Porch. Learn more and Support this work at StudioStargazer.Org

I'm beginning to learn a little more about myself.  I'm understanding, a little more deeply, why I love Star Trek so much.  Spock, Data, and Reginald ...View Details

Hard Truth - Jon Munitz

Jon Munitz shares some of his life experiences that led him to being outspoken in politics. Host of The Hill of Roses show on Youtube. Find him on ...View Details

Building a Bigger Table

A Retrospective.. please visit StudioStargazer.Org to learn more and Support this work.

Unconditional Love

... or an attempt at it. https://MindWave.media - https://Patreon.com/MindWave - https://StudioStargazer.Org 

Thank you, Uncle Fred. Support Fred directly on Patreon, and help us Grow Studio Stargazer at StudioStargazer.Org 

Jenner returns to Moving Forward to talk Humanity First and the Culture of Resentment destroying America. Help keep these conversations going at Movin...View Details

The Brand New Outrage Machine Series is kicking off with its New Host, Matt.. and returning guest Rio Veradonir. Support this project at MindWave.medi...View Details

War of One - The Finale

The End of a long Journey. The Beginning of a New Chapter. https://StudioStargazer.Org 

A Bigger Table

A Presentation of the Stargazer Virtual Community Theater - Learn more and Support this work at https://StudioStargazer.Org  

Learn more about Karma Credits at: https://www.karmacreditscryptocurrency.com/ - Follow @Points_Karma on Twitter - also check out https://www.humanity...View Details

Don’t Die..

Eye of Odin + Array Sneak Peek

Games, Games, and More Games. The Array: Coming Soon!

Veteran's Day Special - 2nd performance of the Stargazer Virtual Community Theater. Learn more at StudioStargazer.Org

A captured moment with Christie Kelly Patterson. #HumanityFirst

Carl Sagan on the Fear of Radiation

Jonathan Pie gets Stargazered

Where to Go: #Coffee and Moving Forward. See Also: Fred's Front Porch, That Other Laura Engram, Resurgent.Us.. I'm not hyperlinking this shit. I liter...View Details

A selective reading of the Gettysburg Address, by Jesse Rogers

Oops? Did you miss Part 2? .. Guess you don't support any of the members of Stargazer Virtual Community Theater on Patreon. You can remedy that here: ...View Details

Stargazer Village


Took another run at the last gratitudes piece -- http://mindwave.media

The Hard Truth about being a Dominatrix. Become a Hard Truther to get Exclusive Access to Part 2 of this conversation. Only on https://www.patreon.com...View Details

Shocktober Update

The Needs to Knows -- (New Gratitudes!) http://MindWave.media

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